Why Suprema Homes? - Modern design and affordable upgrades

Why Suprema Homes? More value for your money, build your home with confidence

Why invest in a Suprema Home?

The name ‘Suprema’ suggests our confidence in offering a supreme home experience. Why do we feel this way?

Modern Design

Our homes have been meticulously designed to provide the function and highly desired features you demand in a new home. In the Northwest home building community, it’s common to find new homes with the same designs that were popular in the 1990’s.  People invest in these homes, but they don’t always love them.  We’ve taken the time to ask our neighbors what they expect in a new home, and we’ve listened.  As a result, we’ve designed our homes with the modern look and layout that people have told us they want, while maintaining affordability.  All of our homes have been designed to live like much larger homes than the square footage would indicate.  This has been accomplished in part by eliminating wasted space such as long hallways and rooms that are rarely used.

Superior Standards

Suprema homes come standard with popular interior and exterior upgrades that are not included in many new homes. For example, 9’ ceilings come standard in our single-story homes and on the main level of our two-story homes. This greatly contributes to an open and spacious feel and allows us to include larger upper kitchen cabinets and upgrade options such crown molding, larger windows, doors and sliding glass doors. These standards allow clients to individualize their homes in a way that would not be possible on homes with walls that are 8’ or less.

Our ability to offer a more upgraded home as standard while maintaining affordability is based on the way we’ve structured our business.  Because our clients like our home plans and don’t desire to make structural changes, we’re able to spend less time and money managing such changes and invest those savings into the upgraded features people have told us they want. By doing this, we provide an upgraded home and still maximize your homes equity.

Lots of Upgrades

Our clients love the idea of being able to individualize their homes with a multitude of standard choices and popular upgrades including cabinets, countertops, interior and exterior doors, plumbing fixtures, tiled showers, lighting fixtures, flooring, windows, sliding doors, roofing, and siding. We also provide options like fireplaces, generator hookups, insulated interior walls and so forth.

Even though we offer a number of ways for our clients to individualize their homes, it’s important to state that we are not attempting to be a custom home builder. Custom home builders have their place in the industry but customizing published homes plans with structural modifications complicates not only the entire eco-system of a home build but also increases the overhead costs of the builder. Our goal is to maintain a low overhead and simplify the building process so that our clients can secure a nice chunk of equity at the end of their home build.  Making structural changes to our published home plans would needlessly rob them of that equity.


Because Suprema Homes builds for the future with modern, desirable, and highly efficient designs that you can customize to your taste and still walk away with equity immediately after building!

What Our Customers Say About Us

Brendan is excellent to work with. He was very responsive and helpful throughout the process…we had our challenges along the way, but I could always count on Brendan to help me work through them.
by Jeff Z
He went above and beyond in every aspect! Brendan was always on top of everything.
by Roberta R
You have a very good man there in Brendan! He answered every question, joked around with us, calmed my nerves down, very good.
by Shelli W

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