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When Should You Select a Builder?

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There are many decisions that need to be made when you want to build your dream home. Which builder should I select? When should you select a builder? Which lender should I use? Which piece of property should I buy? In what order should you make these decisions? With the ‘on your lot’ building model, it is best to make these decisions in the following order, if you have the opportunity:

  1. select your builder
  2. select your lender
  3. select your property
  4. select your house plan

Selecting your builder before making any other decisions has many advantages:

  1. You can get to know your builder before you enter into a contract with them
  2. The builder can help you to assess accurate costs of development
  3. The builder can provide good lender options for land purchase and construction loans (See: Does it matter which lender I use for a construction loan?)
  4. The builder can provide resources for finding land
  5. The builder can provide resources for a feasibility study that protects your interests and not just the interests of others (See: What is feasibility and why should I care?)

The decision you make on who should build your home makes the biggest impact on your satisfaction, the value of your home, and your financial future. Contact Suprema Homes to find out more.

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