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Questions About Suprema Homes

Our homes have been meticulously designed to provide the function and highly desired features you demand in a new home.  In the Northwest home building community, it’s common to find new homes with the same designs that were popular in the 1990’s.  People invest in these homes, but they don’t always love them.  We’ve taken the time to ask our neighbors what they expect in a home, and we’ve listened.  As a result, we’ve designed our homes with the modern look and layout that people have told us they want, while maintaining affordability. 

How do I know my home will be built on time?

At Suprema Homes, we’re here to guide you through the process and make your home building experience as simple and reliable as possible. After all, construction is more complicated than it’s ever been. We consistently achieve reliable build times in four ways:

  1. By not complicating our builds with needless structural changes, we are able to offer a more predictable build time.
  2. Proprietary in-house software that allows us to manage our business, our growth, and your project in an organized and sustained manner.
  3. State-of-the art construction management software that facilitates scheduling with trade partners and keeps you informed with up-to-date progression of your home build. We recognize that you are the one investing in your new home and therefore have a right to be informed and not to be left in the dark.
  4. Providing a highly experienced project management team that will walk you through each step of the building process. You will have a project manager assigned to your project that you can reach out to as needed.  As your home build progresses, you will be provided with homeowner bulletins that will explain your next step in the process.  This reduces the number of slowdowns and keeps the project moving forward.

We are certain you will find your Suprema Home to be the best value in the market today. Our ability to offer a more upgraded home while maintaining affordability is based on the way we’ve structured our business.  Because our clients like our home plans and don’t desire to make structural changes, we’re able to spend less money on the personnel that would be required to manage such changes and invest those savings into the upgraded features people have told us they want. By doing this, we provide an upgraded home and still maximize your homes equity.

At Suprema, we’ve collaborated with design professionals, industry experts and people like you, to offer home plans that have been meticulously designed to provide the modern look, layout and upgrades that people want, while maintaining affordability.  All of our homes have been designed to live like much larger homes than the square footage would indicate.  This has been accomplished in part by eliminating wasted space such as long hallways and rooms that are rarely used.

Yes, we do! We have pre-vetted lenders that specifically work in the construction side of lending. They are experienced in creating loan packages designed specifically for individuals that want to build a new home on their property.  These lenders can wrap your property, property improvements and home construction into one loan.

Yes!  Each home can be changed in a multitude of ways by individualizing standard selections and popular upgrades including cabinets, countertops, interior and exterior doors, plumbing fixtures, tiled showers, lighting fixtures, flooring, windows, sliding doors, roofing, and siding. We also provide options like fireplaces, generator hookups, insulated interior walls and so forth.

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