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Home Builders Winlock, WA

Winlock Cowlitz River

Suprema Homes builds in Winlock, Washington

Our homes have been meticulously designed to provide the function and highly desired features you demand in a new home. Suprema Homes is an ‘on your lot builder’: we construct your customized home on your land.

Our Home Consultants are here to accompany on your journey towards your dream home, and they will make sure your specifications are processed accordingly.

More about this place

The eastern edge of the Willapa Hills lie to the west. To the east are relatively flat prairies. A notable landmark about four miles west of town is Sam Henry Mountain. Olequa Creek, a main tributary of the Cowlitz River, runs through the center of town from north to south.

The Winlock Egg was listed as the world’s largest egg by Ripley’s Believe It or Not! in 1989. The current structure is the fourth reincarnation of the original egg.

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