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In Tumwater we provide our clients with what they’ve asked for… modern homes with upgraded features. But they also want a home that’s affordable and leaves them with a nice chunk of equity at the end of their build. We simplify the building process so we can maximize your equity. Reach one of our Home Consultants to get more information about our lending process and the different options you have.

More about Tumwater

Tumwater, WA shines for its natural beauty with gushing waterfall as its centerpiece, it has historic significance, and a vibrant presence. The city just south of Olympia was the terminus for the Oregon Trail and became the first permanent European-American settlement in the Puget Sound region, where pioneers relied on energy from the churning Deschutes River. Originally named New Market by settlers, the Chinook jargon term Tumwater, meaning waterfall, ultimately made the cut as the city’s official brand. It is situated near where the Deschutes River enters Budd Inlet, the southernmost point of Puget Sound; it also borders the state capital of Olympia to the north.

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