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Which builder should I select? What kind of property should I buy? What are the best lenders’ options?

These are important questions that will define many years to come in your life. Our job is to answer any questions or concerns around building your future house. We help people in Parkland to make the right choice and have the most positive outcome with a solid financial future. Finding a home builder and a place to live could be the biggest decision of your life.

Check our floor plans or visit our gallery. Contact our Home Consultants for any questions you may have.

Information about Parkland

Parkland, WA is an unincorporated suburb of the city of Tacoma and is home to Pacific Lutheran University. The most influential motorway is State Route 7/Pacific Ave, which travels north and south, and leads from Interstate 5 in Tacoma all the way to Mount Rainier. Pacific Ave is also a main commercial corridor through much of the county, including Parkland.

It was given its name by early white settlers for the park-like nature of the vast Garry Oak and blue camas flower prairie, and the many meandering creeks crossing it.

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