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SupremaHomes is present in Kitsap County, WA.

You can choose one of the many options available for your dream home. We’ve designed our homes with the modern look and layout that people have told us they want, while maintaining affordability. All our home’s designs pursue the idea of living in much larger homes than the square footage would indicate, you get more for less! In our house designs you will have an open and spacious feel, and you will also have the option to make it your own with upgrades.

Kitsap County is your place

If you are looking for close-knit communities, access to nature and easy commuting options, then Kitsap County, WA is your place! Seattle is a boat ride away, you have no shortage of culinary options from wood-fired pizza to hand cut fish and chips, craft cocktails and style dining out; all the options covered. It is also a great place for kids, it is affordable and nature is at your fingertips.
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