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Home Builders Grand Mound, WA

Grand Mound Chehalis River

Suprema Homes builds in Grand Mound, Washington

You can choose one of the many options available for your feature dream home. We’ve designed our homes with the modern look and layout that people have told us they want, while maintaining affordability.

We build on your lot with modern, desirable, and highly efficient designs that you can customize to your taste. At the end of the construction process you will walk away with equity immediately. All our home’s designs pursue the idea of living in much larger homes than the square footage would indicate, you get more for less!

More about Grand Mound

While Grand Mound has gone through a few name changes — from Agayt (“long open space”) to nsq’wanxtn (“place to dry hides on a frame”) to Prairie de Butte once Hudson’s Bay Company began to settle in the area—the current name refers to the same wide, raised land that’s part of a system of regional hillocks. A few miles north are the famously mysterious Mima Mounds, fields of earthen piles that, after much studying, appear to be random acts of nature.

Grand Mound today provides views of mountains, evergreen trees, and the Chehalis River.

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