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Carbonado WA

At Suprema Homes we allow to customize your new house in Carbonado.

Each home can be changed in a multitude of ways by individualizing standard selections and popular upgrades including windows, sliding doors, roofing, cabinets, countertops, interior and exterior doors, plumbing fixtures, tiled showers, lighting fixtures, flooring and siding.

In all our homes you get more for less, as the designs pursue the idea of living in much larger homes than the square footage would indicate.

Information about Carbonado

Carbonado was a company boomtown in the Carbon River Valley when growing towns such as Tacoma and Seattle were being settled. In addition to the lumber and other raw materials that were harvested near Carbonado, coal mining was what kept it alive until a huge mine explosion, killed half the town and ended the era of coal mining that had begun in 1876. The railroad was an integral part of life hauling raw materials as well as people in homesteads in the valley.

Today the population of about 750 residents enjoy the rural character and remote location on Hwy 165 near the Carbon River Entrance of Mt. Rainier National Park.

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