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Buckley Washington

Suprema Homes builds in Buckley

In Buckley, WA you have the option to be involved in your new home construction process. And this is the best option for you because it lowers the cost of construction, as you, the future home owner, are involved from the very beginning, you have the opportunity to handle the activities such as cleaning, power, water, sidewalks, decks, and driveways. This means money in your pocket in the form of equity.

All our home’s designs pursue the idea of living in much larger homes than the square footage would indicate, you get more for less! You will have an open and spacious feel.

Information about Buckley

Sometimes called “The City of Good Water,” because of the cool, clear water with which the community was supplied. First known as “Perkins’ Landing,” it became White River Siding when the Northern Pacific Railroad built through the settlement.

Today, Buckley is no longer a lumber center, but the back country is still being logged and many carloads of logs are shipped annually through the town. Mining has also played a part in the local economy. The rich soil of the surrounding plateau lands, known as “Buckley loam,” has made several types of agriculture profitable. Fruit growing and diversified farming are increasing and the community boasts of the quality of its peaches, annually celebrated at its “Peacherino Festival.”

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